My name is Ann Filipina.
I went to Japan as a tourist and overstayed for more than 8 years then met my Japanese fiance' and we got married.
And because I have the fear to face the Japanese Immigration Authorities, I seek legal advice to Acroseed to how can gain permission to stay in Japan.
The advice of Acroseed made me calm and had hoped that I can ask permission to live in Japan with my husband.
I can say the whole staff of Acroseed is the type that they don't just treat you as a client but treat you as a family, why? Because in my experience they will call you almost every day and will give you good advice so you'll be confident on what you are dealing with and so you can respond correctly to the Immigration's Judge questions.
I am really glad that l had purchased on Acroseed because it help me avoid not good treatment by immigration staffs and bad incidents that l heard other overstaying persons like me experienced.
I am lost of words on how to thank you Acroseed on giving me perfect advices that l really proven because of the respect given to me by immigration staff and that's because of the help of Acroseed.
I am really obliged to what help Acroseed given to me.
I really could not believe what happened to me, how easy the process of my immigration papers and in just 1 month immediately got granted permission to stay here in Japan.
l am grateful that even the entire staff of Acroseed is all so happy on what happened to my papers.

At present l am studying the culture of Japan and living happily and freely with my husband.
Again l am offering my gratitude to my Acroseed family and l hope that your company will stay strong so that you can continue helping more clients that will need your assistance.
I can say that Acroseed is here to help.
They are not here just to earn money but to help foreign people that are overstaying here in Japan and they won't just treat you special because you're paying them, but because they care about their clients and they really love to help.

So to the foreign national that's is overstaying and scared and wants to live legally in Japan, try ACROSEED!

THANK YOU ACROSEED and more power! God bless.

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